Sunday, October 11, 2009

buying diamonds in ROM

Does it seem odd to anyone else that selling gold in Wow is frowned upon by Blizzard when it is encouraged by a game like ROM and now gear and other perks are for sale in a game like DDO?
Is this the wave of the future? Are micro in-game transactions the way things will be for MMOs? Should Blizzard drop their current subscription format in favor of a format like ROMs?
Just throwing it out there, actually there is a good discussion about the sale of diamonds, (the currency used in game in ROM) here.

Also, MMO crunch has a pretty decent break-down of how this is accomplished. Personally, I would probably consider playing a free version of Wow with in game items for sale such as DDO's current format, but I wonder how everyone else feels about this topic. Come to think it, there already is a free version of Wow with ingame perks for salem, it's called ROM

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