Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hunter trials in Azeroth

well, my plan to play some LOTRO was derailed, mainly because I re-rolled a horde toon in a pve server. I tried another Hunter, because I like ranged classes. So far, slow going, only get a few hours a day to play when not busy with school, work, life et al. but I got to level 11 and got me a pet. A rare ghost cat I named "whiskers."

Battles certainly have gotten easier with a pet and with the use of heavy shot, which I traded up from light shot at level 10. There are other perks, but the trials have been many thus far. My goal is to level this Hunter as much as possible before Cataclysm drops. I am sure that many are doing the same thing only with much higher level characters. Well I leave you guys for now. Onward and upward!!

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