Friday, October 21, 2011

Still in search of the perfect f2p mmorpg

Another week gone by and I am no closer to replacing wow as my mmorpg of choice. Why would I even try to replace Blizzard's mammoth mmo for another game world you say? Well, call me a cheapskate, but with the economy being as bad as it is, I almost hate to dump $15 out of pocket, or $45 every 3 months on gaming, especially when there are so many good games you can play for free or are nearly free.

Or are there? I have played a number of games of late, trying to substitute that feeling of accomplishment and wonder I used to get from playing wow, but to no avail thus far as we approach the waning days of 2011.

November is just around the corner and with the climax of the year come new releases: GW2, SWTOR, Elder Scrolls V, just to name a few. So in the interim, everybody seems to be playing different games. Some swear by RIFT, others have gone back to wow in anticipation of the Blizzcon announcement of another possible expansion.

Personally, in the past few weeks I have tried: Guild Wars, Pirates of the Burning Seas, Everquest 2, Dark Age of Camelot, Forsaken World, Warhammer Online and a few others.

There is a problem with nearly every game on this list. Guild wars had me bored to tears and it is nearly impossible to find PUGs unless you join a guild, and even then. POTBS was interesting for one night and then the idea of running around in a game world as a pirate where the game's mechanics depend so much on simulated sea battles, even though it is unlike a lot of mmos out there, the game wore thin after one night. Maybe I need to play as the other nations to get more fun out of it.

Forsaken world was pretty, but it's not fun because you can't group, so I may as well be playing a single player game.

EQ2 costs money to play, and if I am going to sub, I might as well sub for a superior game like wow, or like DAoC. Out of all these, DAoC had the most intriguing atmosphere, for an old game it's a rare gem, but I can't help and feel that the epic scale of rvr and battle ground battles is lost in a game world where the population is small and makes the whole thing seem less epic than it should be. Also there is a pesky subscription.

So I am taking suggestions, what games are out there that are as fun as wow? or is warcraft still the ultimate immersive be all, end all of online gaming?


  1. I would say get down with the RTS', but you already told me that you didn't like them.

  2. I've never really enjoyed them, but I think I am willing to give WC3 a serious look

  3. Try Mabinogi. If you can get past the cutesy graphics you'll find a pretty solid game. Expect a bit of a learning curve with the combat though.

    Alternatively, go very old school back to Ultima Online? :P