Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not so Legendary in League of Legends

Well for the first time this week, I can say that I am enjoying my time in LOL. Still have not had success in finding the mmorpg that will replace my time in Azeroth, and I like the lore so much that I am seriously thinking of investing in WC3 Battlechest.

I never got to play WC3 much back in the day, and even though this is not a blog about RTS games, we are all sort of in holding mode until GW2 and other games drop. As far as LOL is concerned, there is something very addictive about a game where so much strategy depends on both the cooperative play of your team and one's own contributions and it is satisfying to see a match develop, especially if your team is making a push toward victory.

This was only my fifth time playing and I have yet to kill a champion, though I am not dying as much and I did get an assist. Playing bots is not like playing against others in pvp, but you have to start somewhere, and this game is not very forgiving to newbies.

Will I try to level my summoner to 30 and try to to get into some competitive matches? Probably not, I was never one to look at rankings or game ladders, but as long as I am having fun I will continue to play this game as a diversion to my mmorpgs.

I still think that the sandbox and open world feel of a lot of modern mmos pwn the frenetic pace and slightly more limited play of Mobas and Dotas, but I am beginning to understand the appeal of both game genres, it really depends on which play style one enjoys most.

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