Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guilds, guilds and more guilds

Hello mmo players. While the gaming community continues to fall head over heels for SWTOR, I think that I remain marching to the beat of my own drum sampling older games like Everquest 2 and playing till my hearts content in my first mmo love: DDO.

I think the focus of this blog has changed more than once and I would like to feature the exploits of guilds. The best part of playing a mmorpg over a single player RPG for me, and for many others, is the communities surrounding each game. Each community is different and diverse and diversity as we all know is the spice of life, and games.

So if you are a guild master or have interesting tales to tell about your guild adventures, whether they happened in a f2p game like LOTRO or DDO, or a more conventional subscriber based game like Wow, I want to hear from you guys!

Carry on guys!!

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