Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warforged I hardly knew ye!!

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Ever since Turbine announced last week that their MMO was going F2p I had been dying to rejoin the world of Stormreach. However, time constraints and spending time playing ROM prevented it, until now.

Last night I tried out an account on the new DDO Unlimited and found it to be quite an enjoyable experience, even if I only spent 2-3 hours on the game server. The biggest change I saw upon character creation was the fact that my old character was Warforged but Turbine has made it a paid race. I had to settle for a Paladin! Oh the humanity!

No matter, the game's graphics are terrific and the voice overs that they rolled out in the opening quest and noob section of the game was very satisfying and successful in capturing the mood and feel of Dungeons and Dragons.

The problem I had in my previous attempt at DDO was that it was hard to do some of the instances and dungeons unless you were in a party, but the cool thing about DDO is that it's less of a grind than Wow and with dungeons and zones that are tailored for soloing or for playing with a party, it really doesn't matter if you are on your own or with a group (though of course the latter is probably more enjoyable to most gamers)

Turbine has added the DDO store to purchase in game items for those who want to pay and their VIPs can continue to play the game as subscribers, but if you don't need to pay, this is a good time to get into the game and try it out, with nothing to lose.

I found this video which details what the first quest looked like in Beta. I found it's still very similar in the game. Also, here's an interesting article detailing who invented the warforged race.

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