Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review The Guild Season 3 episode 2

Since Felicia Day's "The Guild" is my favorite web show, and since they say it is "The Office" for the gamers set, the Chronicles will try to post a review of every new episode they roll out.
Although I don't like to be lumped into a category by the mainstream media, this one might be somewhat true, there are few web programs or tv shows aimed at gamers and this show does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of online gaming while saterizing its conventions, but it's funny even if you don't play.

The new episode centers around Vork feeling he let the guild down as leader when another group of players (The Axis of Anarchy) cut in front of them in line at the Gamestop store in order to try and get the latest expansion.
This episode, Vork has the best lines, even though the episode as usual opens with Codex hoping that opposing the other guild will reunify the guild. She says, "Its easy to bond over hating something together, the internet is total proof of that."

It's sort of weird seeing Zaboo give up his weird obssession with Codex, but it's hilarious and consistent with the progression of his character. The Axis characters were a bit predictable and there is some over acting going on here, but the premise is pure gold and the execution is as usual, well worth watching. Plus, how funny is it to see Clara's poor parenting beyond the scope of her house into the real world? It was a brilliant move to have the Guild move on from their comfort zone and adventure out IRL. This allows for further character development and for them to intearct with new characters. You can't take this show seriously, obviously real games don't act this way, but if you are fine with satire then it is sure to provide a chuckle or two, or to make you laugh out loud on several occasions. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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