Friday, September 11, 2009

Questing through Silverspring in Runes of Magic

I wrote in some detail about Runes of Magic in my previous blog. Last night after leveling up to 10, I found myself going into Varanas with the purpose of picking my secondary class.

I should probably preface this by saying I think ROM is a great game. A lot of people are down on it because they say it's a clone of WoW but I think more than that it combines some really good features from previous MMORPG including Wow. Unlike Wow this game is f2p. The only reason I would see myself not playing it anymore is because of the community. It might be my own fault because of the server I chose, not sure, but I felt more of a community sense with Wow since there were always so many other players running around the game world and some were even willing to join my party and play with me. Not so much so for ROM, at least not on my current server, or with the same frequency as Wow.

Above is a shot of my character riding a mount through the howling mountains on the way
to the big city of Varanas. Unlike Wow, where you had to be a level 30 character, ROM allows you to get a mount at any time. I just paid 300 gold and off I went. Below are some shots of what you see when you get to the main city. At level 10 characters they can go to the class hall (seen below) and choose a trainer for the class they select. I chose a mage so I could have a warrior with spell casting abilities. The other shot is of the guild hall, (also seen below) but since I didn't belong to a guild, I really had no business being there.

There are some other features of this game that I am really enjoying: One is that when you are doing a quest and killing x number of critters, you can click on the monster before going into combat mode and the game tells you how many you need to complete the quest. Nice! Another good feature is you can often open up your quest log for the specific quest you're on and double click on the name of the quest giver and it automatically takes you to the spot where the quest giver is, that way you don't have to wast time looking around for him or her.

I'm sure that there are other good game features that I am forgetting to highligh at the moment, however, I know characters can register for their own in game house but I have yet to do so.

one way in which you can travel in ROM is being transported through a portal in VaranasI ride in my white horse in through the gates of Varanasthe hall of classesthe guild hall

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