Monday, September 7, 2009

The Monday morning quarterback MMORPG report

Well, it's closer to afternoon. Happy Labor day everyone! In America, this day marks the end of summer but there is plenty to report from the world of MMORPGs. Every week I will try to scour the forums, message boards and developer sites, as well as other relevant blogs to bring you info on the games you love to play. So let's dive in:

Mike from MMOCrunch reports that as of yesterday, two of the largest auction sites for MMORPGs virtual goods and, had been down for most of the day. They had been under a bonet attack since 5 am yesterday morning.

Ten Ton Hammer has event coverage of PAX 2009 including Fallen Earth launch news, screenshots and trailers. (Fallen Earth launch date was delayed to Sept. 22)

Aion Online has rolled out open beta testing in both Europe and North America.
According to a letter from producer Brian Knox posted on the site on Thursday, new game features include:

1.New Areas: Theobomos (Elysea) and Brusthonin (Asmodae)
2. New Instances!
3. Over 40 new default faces have been added to character creation.
4. Increased PvPvE rewards
5. UI changes (click-to-move has been disabled by default
And much more!
A more detailed list of new patches and additions can be found here reported yesterday from PAX 2009 that the mini-expansion for LOTRO Siege of Mirkwood was devoid of a date or a price, Turbine seems to be trying something new with a $19.99 base price and some special promotional deals leading up to the release of the new expansion. For more info click here.

Champions Online’s website reports that The login server has now been restarted. EU pre-order customers should now have access to the game until 11:59PM PDT on Tuesday, September 8.

Vanguard SOH and Everquest 2 developers state that there will be maintenance on the Session databases across all games on Wednesday September 9, 2009. It will begin at 12AM PDT and is estimated to last until 12PM PDT. All game worlds will be unavailable for the estimated 12 hour maintenance, as well as the Station Store and all commerce avenues. This may affect the performance of the forums and any or all accounts' abilities to log in.

SWTOR’s site reports that fans who join the Old Republic Community by September 15th, and receive a 25% off coupon for Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ on PC, redeemable at Direct2Drive!
Fans can prepare for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ by playing KOTOR, a role-playing game developed and published by BioWare and LucasArts, which takes place 300 years before the events in The Old Republic.

Thursday, Blizzard announced that the new faction change service is now available. Basically players will be able to switch from Horde to Alliance for a fee. Here is a link to the FAQ for more details on this new World of Warcraft service.

Can it be that Warhammer online is already celebrating a year of WAR? Yep, and their live event The Wild Hunt is ending today. However, the Hunt's end will be followed by three weekend events: Battlemarsh on September 12th, Battle at the Gates on September 19th, and Isha's Sorrow on September 26th. In the spirit of Return to Nordenwatch, each of these weekend events opens up one of WAR's premier Scenarios to players of all ranks and tiers but only for a limited time!

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