Sunday, September 20, 2009

Review the Guild: Season 3 ep. 3

As promised, another review of the latest episode of the Guild. Things are getting good as the guildees are in shambles after Vork decides to quit and go on the road.

I was laughing at Zaboo this time around, he has the best scenes as he's forced to choose between the game and his new girlfriend. Tink is still AWOL, though I predict she will resurface as a new member of the rival guild from last ep. This is easy to figure out as we last see her talking to the members of the Axis of Anarchy.

After venturing out to the gaming store, the guild is back in their familiar environment, behind their computers and installing the next expansion pack...or at least trying to. Clara has funny dialouge as usual, her horrible mothering skills as a result of being obsessed with the game are about to cost her dearly.

Overall this is a very enjoyable episode and does a lot to further this season's direction which appears to be what happens when the Guild is fragmented and Codex has to try to keep it all from falling apart. Great show!

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